What You Get


You may be wondering what exactly you get with a wedding loan and whether it’s suitable for you. On this page we explain the benefits and some of the finer details.

You could walk away with a $35,000 loan that requires no collateral, and can be repaid over 7 years!

Let’s take a closer look…

Your Entire Wedding Covered

The direct lenders in our network don’t want to tie you up with different loans and different obligations, that’s why they offer standard personal loans that you can then choose to spend any way you wish. It doesn’t even have to be on a wedding.

If you are using it for the big day, you should have a fairly accurate idea about how much it will cost before applying. You will only get one lump sum and it is up to you to divide it accordingly between the location owners, caterers, photographer etc.

Do you also need funding for your honeymoon? Then don’t forget to include that in your calculation.

Upon using our loan request form you can choose the amount you need and if matched the lenders will aim to offer as close to this as possible.

Easily Manageable Over 7 Years

The maximum duration for wedding loans is 7 years, allowing you to reduce the month to month financial impact that the debt will have.

Before you sign an agreement with a lender they will provide you with the repayment schedule, which outlines how much each installment will cost (including interest) and when they are due. Monthly installments are the most common.

To ensure the process is hassle-free, repayments are taken automatically from your designated bank account.

But these aren’t the only perks.

No Collateral

All loans obtained through our system are unsecured, which means the lender doesn’t require collateral such as your home or other valuable property to be relinquished if you fail to make repayments.

This doesn’t mean it’s not an important financial undertaking. If you do fail to repay, the lender or a collection agency will still use all options available to recover what is owed, and your credit rating will take a massive hit.

We suggest that if you begin to struggle with repayments to contact the lender right away to discuss a solution.

Fast Online Application Process

When planning a wedding we understand that you want the least amount of extra hassle as possible. That’s why our online service is so simple.

All you have to do is complete our loan request form, and your details are made available to multiple lenders in a matter of minutes – no need to apply one by one.

You also get to know what offers are available to you on-screen; there’s no waiting around for postal conformation.

What’s more, if you accept a lender’s offer and sign the agreement, the money could reach your account in as soon as one business day!

Still not convinced?

Better Than Banks Loans and Credit Cards

There are many benefits of using an online loan to fund your wedding over traditional options. Banks for example often have long and outdated applications that might require face to face or phone meetings, and tons of paperwork. They also tend to be stricter in their assessments and often require collateral for larger amounts.

While credit cards are one of the most commonly used methods for covering wedding expenses, with the increasing average cost reaching tens of thousands they are no longer as practical, especially if you already have a balance on the card.

They also encourage you to be less disciplined with repayments, as you only need to pay a minimum each month (which only just covers the interest) and you can easily fall in to the trap of using it to make more purchases down the line. You cannot re-use loans like a line of credit, so you remain focused on repayment.

Bad Credit No Barrier

If you have bad credit you may think there’s no way you could get a wedding loan, but our lenders will not disqualify you without assessing your entire situation.

If you have a fair income and are not crippled with existing debt, your credit rating may not have such an impact on the decision. Nonetheless, you might not be able to get the largest amounts or best terms.


Wedding loan providers that promise no credit check or instant approval are likely just be misleading with their marketing efforts.

An Improved Credit Rating

As you pay down the loan, you may notice your credit rating improving. This is because taking on such a large obligation and demonstrating that you have everything under control, makes you more desirable to other lenders.

The Wedding of a Lifetime

Are you ready to fund the wedding of a lifetime? Then get started today!

In the meantime you can learn more about the process on our how it works, FAQ, and rates and fees pages.