How It Works


Before you submit your request for a wedding loan it's important to understand how it all works.

Fortunately we cover everything you need to know below, and the good news – it’s often much easier to use our service than applying at a bank or other large lender.

After reading this guide you'll understand what you could get, what happens with your information after you submit it, and what to do if you’re made an offer.

Get Up To $35,000 For Your Wedding

Imagine you’ve finally found that special someone to share your life with and the wedding is on the horizon, but the more you plan the occasion the more you realize how much it’s going to cost upfront. Nobody wants to be stuck budgeting and saving during those magical months, or worse, to settle for a less than perfect day because the funds aren’t there.

This is when a loan might be the perfect solution.

Fact: You could borrow up to $35,000 and easily manage repayments over 7 years!

Our flexible direct lenders can provide numerous loan solutions depending on your own needs and your current financial situation, an no collateral is required.

Also, while you may be looking to fund your wedding, there are no actual restrictions on what you can spend a personal loan on once you have it. There are options waiting for every scenario.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

Just Make Sure You’re A Working Adult

You must be a legal US citizen over the age of 18, who has a stable source of income – that’s all that’s required to be eligible for a personal loan, and can be from employment, self-employment, or an accepted form of government welfare.

We Streamline The Application Process

If you’ve ever borrowed money in the past you might remember having to take a trip to the bank or storefront lender, waiting in a line to see someone and then awkwardly having to state your case for a loan. streamlines the application process, allowing you to complete everything online without the need for face to face or even telephone meetings.

Reams of paperwork are also replaced with a few simple web forms, and assessments are carried out in the background while you wait for the results on screen.

Furthermore, having to apply to individual lenders one by one is a thing of the past. Simply use our loan request form to submit your personal information, income status and to select a loan amount and we’ll pass these details through our large network of lenders.

Note: These are the only companies we’ll share your details with, and we use the latest encryption technology to ensure the entire process is confidential.

Terms Just For You

It’s possible you could be matched with multiple lenders and given multiple offers, leaving you free to click through to each one and see which terms suit you the best. Lenders themselves will only make you an offer they feel is suitable based on the amount you chose and the information you provide.

Before the process is complete you may need to supply the lender with further details for verification, but nothing is legally binding until you digitally sign the agreement.

The terms of this agreement are provided in full if you click through to view the offer, so you’ll know exactly how much the loan will cost you in interest. For more details on the cost of online loans, please visit our rates and fees page.

News Flash:

You may have seen some websites promise guaranteed or instant approval for online loans. This is usually just a marketing tactic as all genuine lenders need to carry out at least an automated assessment, which will take a few minutes to process.

Bad Credit Applicants Welcome

Applicants with bad credit are still welcome to use our service and complete a full lender application if matched.

While lenders cannot promise no credit check (a credit check and numerous other factors will play a role in the amount you are permitted to borrow and the terms of the loan), you will not be automatically rejected based on your credit score alone.

That’s not the only perk:

Hassle-Free Deposit and Repayments

During the application process you will be asked to provide the details of a checking account in your name. This is where the loan will be deposited and repayments automatically taken as per the repayment schedule.

Once you have signed the loan agreement you could see the cash in your account in as soon as one business day. To ensure a speedy deposit you are advised to complete the process Monday through Thursday, during business hours, as banks may delay transactions over weekends.

6 Simple Steps For The Perfect Wedding

Thought there was more to it? Think again – we’ve counted 6 simple steps to fund your perfect wedding!

  1. Submit your personal details with us and choose up to $35,000.
  2. Wait to see if you have been matched with any lenders on-screen.
  3. Click through to view your offers and complete any further application.
  4. Review the loan terms before making your decision.
  5. Digitally sign the agreement and you could see the cash as soon as one business day.
  6. Prepare for repayments to be automatically taken from your designated bank account.

It’s as simple as that!